Monday 22 July 2019

Chiswick Curve Decision

The Secretary of State has overturned the Planning Inspector's decision on the Chiswick Curve. It has been thrown out.  I struggle with this statement that the inspector gave: 

"The use of pointillism in the glazed grid would act as a control that would bring the scale of the building closer to that of the buildings on the river frontage. "

What?!  As someone who studied pointillism as part of her first degree, this is the most peculiar phrase on which his decision should hinge.  Look at Nottingham Contemporary.  The 'filigree lace' effect does nothing to reduce its bulk.  

The Inspector's thoughts on Visual Representations are also troubling.  What's wrong with a full-frame camera and fixed 50mm lens? That's the industry-wide standard.  It's accepted best practice.