Sunday 24 March 2019

Setting - Keswick in The English Lakes WHS

Hmmmmm..... How to express the concept of 'setting' and to deal with the vast wealth of evidence that I am finding related to Keswick.  It is quite mind-boggling in trying to synthesise how the setting of Keswick contributes to its significance.   Can or should we separate the 'setting' of Keswick Conservation Area (a concept defined in the planning guidance) from the wider concept of the Outstanding Universal Value of the English Lakes?   The guidance calls for it whilst the pressures of development exist.   The list of associations is immense:
Wordsworth, Shelley, Coleridge, Southey, Lamb, West, Farington, Turner, Wright, Ruskin, and so the list goes on......
and then there is Ebeneezer Howard, Canon Rawnsley, Keswick School of Industrial Arts...

Keswick as seen from Castlehead - © Mel Morris Conservation

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